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Discover Audience Pain Points

The 5Di Discover phase is about putting yourself in the target audience’s shoes so you can design things that will help them. It’s often tricky because stakeholders don’t want you bothering people, but without Discover, the whole 5Di model falls over.

1. Focus Groups

Focus Groups are useful for gathering lots of insights in a short period of time. This Guide will help you run effective focus groups.

2. Interviews

When working with senior stakeholders or a sensitive subject, it may be more appropriate to conduct interviews. This guide will help you plan and deliver one-to- one conversations.

3. Discovery Report

At the end of the 5Di Discover phase, it’s really useful to produce a report summarising the insights. This forms the basis of the Design phase and can help you communicate people’s pain points.

Hindsight hacks

Helpful tips from the Solvd Together team and our friends:

Hindsight Hack 1

Director, Solvd Together

Charlie Kneen

“Most of our clients say they’ve done discovery, but when you ask to see the data, you find that they’ve just spoken to stakeholders, business partners or subject matter experts. That’s not the same. “

Hindsight Hack 2
Head of Experiences & Innovation
Gemma Paterson

“The Discover phase of 5Di is what separates the model from the more conventional ways of doing learning design.”

Hindsight Hack 3

Director, Solvd Together

Toby Kheng

“Do something in Discover no matter how quick or small the research period! Even if it’s just calling up a few friends who are in the target audience – don’t’ take no for an answer. “

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