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Develop The Solution

After the Design phase you have a shopping list of things build and test. Whatever you make in the 5DI Develop phase has to be ‘consumer-grade’ i.e. something that people would pay for. If you can’t do it all yourself, start fostering a network of creatives and developers you trust to get the job done.

1. Developing Experiences

To do ‘good’ experience design, you must think about all the senses, not just the slides. Take a look at our 5DI Develop playbook for inspiration.

2. Developing Resources

Quality digital copywriting, graphic design and UX will help you develop resources people will pick up and use.

3. Developing Communications

A solution is ‘40% content, 60% marketing’. Any good solution needs to be marketed effectively and regularly to drive adoption.

Hindsight hacks

Helpful tips from the Solvd Together team and our friends:

Hindsight Hack 1

Director, Solvd Together

Toby Kheng

“Working with people who are more capable than me at developing things helps me improve with every project.”

Hindsight Hack 1

Learning Consultant, Solvd Together

Rochelle Livingstone

“Not everything has to be gold plated. A nicely designed checklist can be as effective as a 1 week programme.”

Hindsight Hack 2
Director of L&D
Brij Palicha

“Often you can just ask people what they use to get things done. Your job then is to simply spread the word.”

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