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Design Relevant Solutions

A training course probably isn’t the answer to the problem you’re solving, so what can you do instead? At Solvd Together, we use 5DI Design for experiences, resources, services, or process changes and take inspiration from our everyday lives.

1. The Solution Scale

Whether the target audience cares or doesn’t care about something, is the primary factor in deciding what to design.

2. Concern, Challenge, Solution

The Concern, Challenge, Solution (CCS) Canvas will help you map audience pain points and feedback to ideas.

3. 5Di Design Workshop

It’s good to do design collaboratively with stakeholders so they feel like they have ‘baked the cake’ with you. This makes them more likely to support the solution.

Hindsight hacks

Helpful tips from the Solvd Together team and beyond:

Hindsight Hack 1
Director of L&D
Brij Palicha

“Bringing the audience into the design session can be really helpful. You can then test and iterate ideas on the go rather than having to build something another day.”

Hindsight Hack 2
People Development Consultant
Neusha Milanian

“People will gravitate towards what they know and in learning that’s courses. Encourage talk about ‘touch points’ with a clearly defined end state.”

Hindsight Hack 3

Director, Solvd Together

Charlie Kneen

“Look at things that work in the consumer marketplace. Apple has never released an eLearning course to sell their iPhone.”

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