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Deploy Your Solution

There are many ways to launch a solution but think ‘marketing activation’ rather than corporate comms. The purpose of the 5Di Deploy stage is to drive adoption and engagement so if you do the usual thing, people won’t notice.

1. Marketing Plan

Marketing or channel plans are needed for any successful deployment. They are a way of mapping out potential touchpoints so your launch feels coherent.

2. Marketing Strategy

Don’t rely on your LMS or hope that people will just stumble across your solution. 5Di Deploy is about encouraging adoption with remarkable, relevant, and timely messages.

3. Using Communities

You’re more likely to do something look at something if a friend recommends it. Creating a network is a great way to expand your reach through influencers.

Hindsight hacks

Helpful tips from the Solvd Together team and our friends:

Hindsight Hack 1

Director, Solvd Together

Charlie Kneen

“Marketing Plans create coherence and consistency in Deploy. People will come to expect and potentially value the things you send out.”

Hindsight Hack 2
Head of Experiences & Innovation
Gemma Paterson

“Surprise and delight! That’s how to get noticed.”

Hindsight Hack 3

Director, Solvd Together

Toby Kheng

“Don’t create a new platform and try to get people to move there to have conversations. Go to where people are.”

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