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Define The Problem

In 5Di Define you are doing two things: identifying the problem the business wants solving, and figuring out how you will know if you’ve been successful.

When a stakeholder or client comes to you with a request, your first question should be, ‘why?’

1. Define Checklist

Define creates the foundation for your entire project. This checklist provides a list of everything you’ll need to consider.

2. Define Workshop

The 5Di Define workshop is the key to ensuring you have a well-articulated problem statement and hypothesis to test.

3. Define Report

Before you move to the Discover phase, clarify the mission. This template provides a structure to communicate what has been agreed.

Hindsight hacks

Helpful tips from the Solvd Together team and our friends:
Hindsight Hack 1

Learning Consultant, Solvd Together

Rochelle Livingstone

“Saying no to bad projects is one of the hardest things about my job. If the solution is pre-defined by the stakeholder and they can’t articulate the problem, it’s best to walk away.”

Hindsight Hack 2
Director of L&D
Brij Palicha

“Defining the problem gets overlooked in so many Learning and Development projects. Simply asking yourself and your stakeholders ‘what problem are we trying to solve here?’ starts a valuable conversation.”

Hindsight Hack 3
People Development Consultant
Neusha Milanian

“A frequent challenge many teams face is stakeholders who want to order training from them. Defining the problem allows you to explore solutions beyond this.”

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