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An overview of the 5Di model


The 5Di model combines IDEO’s human-centered design approach, with the 6Ds of learning design. The key difference between the 5Di model and other more conventional learning models like ADDIE, is its focus on the ‘end-user’.

This toolkit is the product of over ten years of experience using the 5Di model. We’ve tried to distil our ways of working at Solvd Together into practical guidance that you can download and use every day.

The Six Phases of the 5Di model

The 5Di model phase 1: Define

In Define we clearly identify the problem we are solving, and what metrics we can track to know if we’ve had an impact.

The 5Di model phase 2: Discover

In Discover we speak with the target audience to understand their pain points, what they care about, and immerse ourselves in their context.

The 5Di model phase 3: Design

In Design we work with stakeholders and the target audience to design solution(s) that will address the problem(s) we are solving.

The 5Di model phase 4: Develop

In Develop we build and test the solution(s), starting with an MVP and refining this with regular feedback from our audience.

The 5Di model phase 5: Deploy

In Deploy we launch the solution(s) using a multi-channel marketing strategy.

The 5Di model phase 6: Iterate

In Iterate our role changes to Product Manager. We assess and improve the solution(s) based on audience data.

The 5Di model flows from left to right. The Solvd Together version includes diamonds that represent how your mindset needs to shift from divergent thinking (being creative) to convergent thinking (making decisions).

Solvd's double diamond 5Di model

An Introduction to 5Di

Solv's 5Di Model visualised with the double diamond

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